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  • Joy

    As I am sitting here thinking about the message from yesterday, I am contemplating two things.  The first thing is that joy is more of a state of being than a feeling, and the second is that we are taught to not be joyful. When I read the verse, “Do not grieve, the joy of […]

  • Peace

    If you are looking for a blog on world peace, this is not it.  I like to think about it but I don’t have all the answers to world peace that someone else hasn’t said already.  I can’t say that what I am about to write about is new.  It is my experience of peace […]

  • Patience

    I don’t think that I have ever consciously noticed the relationship between patience and hope.  Sometimes what we hope for, we get right away.  Whether we were prompted to hope by someone who was about to give us something, not that we really thought about wanting it before, and then gave it to us.  However, […]

  • Tough Scriptures

    The Bible is filled with the encouraging love of God but it is also filled with tough scriptures that speak into our lives and into our culture and makes us stop and think for a second and say that can’t be right.  Somewhere in our reading and in our lives we have heard something that […]

  • Nov. 16, 2014 Imitating God

    When we talk about the fruit of the Spirit, we sometimes forget that these fruits are part of who God is.  By being filled with the Spirit, we are being filled with God’s Holy Spirit.  For some of you it is obvious, for others we some times need the dots connected for us to see […]

  • Notes from Nov. 9th’s Message

    When we talk about gentleness and self control we can talk about just about any part of our lives.  Whether it is our actions and our words, whether it is giving into our desires, whether it is about things that we don’t even realize we think we need to worry about self control.  I am […]

  • Remembrance Day

    As we near Nov. 11, many of us prepare to gather together to remember the cost of our freedom, our way of life, our privileges and many other things.  One of the biggest costs that we remember are the many lives that were lost, men and women, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, friends that […]

  • Entering into God’s faithfulness

    I have been meaning to do this for a while but for various reasons I have not either taken the time or had the time to do this.  You might be wondering what this is at this point.  When I am giving the message or sermon on Sunday mornings, their is usually more to say […]

  • Music

    Do you like music?  Some people love music, it is always playing as if their life was a musical with all their favourite songs filling in the quiet moments adding depth to their emotions.  For others they like a little bit of music but not too much, enough to set the mood but not to […]

  • Example

      Whether we are at school or at work, most of us learn better after seeing or hearing an example.  Jesus knew this fact.  He would tell stories to the people around Him to give an example of what He meant.  Jesus also demonstrated what it meant to have a life giving relationship with God, […]