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  • Post-Truth

    You may have heard of the term post-modern, relating to the era that some would say we are in that is after the modern era. Depending on who you ask, the modern era with its values, ideas, practices, and general way of doing things started somewhere between the 1600’s or as late as the twentieth […]

  • Is discipleship a priority of your church?

    Discipleship has been on my heart lately.  I have been studying it from other people’s perspectives, taking a course on it, and trying to see how this idea that Jesus demonstrated, called people to and even told His disciples to continue and pass on to each of us and we are to continue to pass […]

  • Moving Forward 3

    Today I want to look at the next two questions together. 3. What are the priorities and needs the community around us? 4. Then what new priorities might our congregation need to focus on today to help the congregations of 2025? Yesterday we talked a little bit about what the what the community will look […]

  • Moving Forward 2

    Here we are on our second day and looking at the second question on the survey. 2. This is what we believe: God exists, God desires certain things to be,  God has God’s own mission for the world.  What can we imagine God desires to see in the next ten years in the Christian faith […]

  • Moving Forward

    The next few Blog posts are going to be commenting on a survey that was put out to our congregation.  These will be more to help us start thinking about our future and not in response to the survey itself. Some of these questions were taken from our presbytery’s visioning process. How are things today […]

  • Sin and grace

    The church over its history was meant to show and share God’s love and grace as people continue to live out their lives. One reality that we can all relate to is that we have sinned and experienced the sin of others also.  The community of faith was and is supposed to show us how to […]

  • Wisdom

    I am not about to make any definitive claims on wisdom other than this one and that is it comes from God.  This is where I see wisdom coming from and I think that it is important that we get this out of the way first.  For some of us and some of you, wisdom […]

  • Mark 1:4-11

    This was the main text that I just preached on this past Sunday.  There is so much here and I have been told so much that sometimes we miss what is right infront of us.  One person was telling me about their Bible study where they parked on the line “and the heavens were torn […]

  • Dealing with our world

    The world that we live in, with all of its advances and comforts, is tough.  Whether you are trying to just survive from one day to the next, or are trying to forge a new path in a new direction there are difficulties and worries.  Some of the worries that we face are health problems, […]

  • Love

    After reading about 2 police officers being shot in New York and also reading about the abuse of women and children in Iraq and Syria by IS, it is hard to think that there is a God who loves us and is in control, but remember there is.  Some would say that some of the […]