St. Andrew’s Choir

St. Andrew’s Choir

St. Andrew’s Choir in the past had some other names such as Song Birds and St. Andrew’s Sr. Choir. At different times in its history there have been both a senior choir and a junior choir made up of people from the Sunday School. It is unclear exactly when the choir began but it is believed that it was going when the two churches joined together to form the current congregation of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Arthur. The original purpose of the choir was to sing praises to God and to help lead the congregation in singing these same praises.

Throughout the years many different people have used their God given gifts of music to be a blessing to the congregation and the local community. The membership of the choir has fluctuated over the years with around 20 people in 1941 but down to about 5-10 people in the last year.  We have been very blessed to have all of these dedicated men and women who use their love of music both singing and playing instruments to enhance our community of faith.

Unfortunately, in the fall of 2015, the choir members decided to take a hiatus and will not be meeting.  They are taking their beautiful voices and joining the voices in the congregation to assist and uplift them from their midst.

We still encourage people to share their gift of singing and playing instruments to praise God in a duet, solo, or small group to praise God with during the church service.

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