Women of St. Andrew’s

Originally there were 2 groups: Ladies Aid came first and the second group was St. Andrew’s Guild which was added later.

Ladies Aid started in the early 1900’s. St. Andrew’s Guild started around 1942.

The Ladies Aid was involved in fellowship around the church and the Ladies Guild hosted meals for the congregation and the community. The two groups worked together preparing meals and sponsoring needed work in and around the church and manse. During World War II, the Ladies Aid made quilts for the Red Cross and ditty bags for the Navy League. The newly formed Guild also helped with the war efforts. The ladies Aid looked after the interest on the mortgages on our present church each year until 1909 and they helped complete the new manse. In 1917, the Ladies Aid took over performing or assigning the Caretakers duties. In 1956, the Ladies Guild gave a donation towards rewiring the church.

In the early 1970’s, the Ladies Aid folded, but the Guild carried on. In 2002, the name changed to Women of St. Andrew’s. All of the women in the congregation were divided into four groups, each group being responsible for the meetings and all other function for a two month period.

The person to contact if anyone is interested in helping or being part of the group are Faye Craig at 519-848-5806.

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