St. Andrew’s has been a congregation since 1874.   Prior to 1874, there were two separate Presbyterian congregations worshipping in Arthur.  One of the congregations was descended from the Free Church of Scotland and the other was from the Established Church of Scotland.  Before joining together, both congregations had their own places of worship, the Free Church had a white frame building on Edward St. and the Established Church had a long narrow red brick building on Tucker St., where the current manse is.

The two congregations came together in 1874 to form St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.  They worshiped in the church on Tucker St. and sold the other church to the Baptists.  In 1899 the current church building was built.  This building has been added onto a few times with the most recent addition being the new side entrance and lift, in 2003.

We are one part of a two point charge with our sister church, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Gordonville. We have been doing ministry together since 1889 as a two point charge.

At the beginning the congregations where served by other ministers in the area, some being from Fergus, and also from missionaries.  Counting from back in the 1850’s there have been just under 30 ministers who have served this charge.

Our Clerk of Session is Chris McIntosh.