Month: May 2015

  • Moving Forward 3

    Today I want to look at the next two questions together. 3. What are the priorities and needs the community around us? 4. Then what new priorities might our congregation need to focus on today to help the congregations of 2025? Yesterday we talked a little bit about what the what the community will look […]

  • Moving Forward 2

    Here we are on our second day and looking at the second question on the survey. 2. This is what we believe: God exists, God desires certain things to be,  God has God’s own mission for the world.  What can we imagine God desires to see in the next ten years in the Christian faith […]

  • Moving Forward

    The next few Blog posts are going to be commenting on a survey that was put out to our congregation.  These will be more to help us start thinking about our future and not in response to the survey itself. Some of these questions were taken from our presbytery’s visioning process. How are things today […]